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I haven’t posted in a million years – I opened a shop and gallery to showcase my finds and  then I put my head down and haven’t looked up for the last 2.5 years!  BUT –  I have managed to keep up with my guilty pleasure – The books I have listened to have kept me sane by entertaining my mind at times when I would otherwise have been adding more gray to my scalp from worry. And who hasn’t sat in crap Seattle traffic? But NOTHING I have read (scratch that) listened to in the last two years has been as thoroughly entertaining as the two books I have just listened to by Caroline Kepnes! I want to meet this woman! Actually no I just want her to write another one in the series NOW! AND the narration of Santino Fontana is the best I have heard – HE NAILS IT! SO don’t even strain your eyes – YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THESE!


Your welcome! #JoeGoldberg #EarCandy #IthinkIknowthisguy #Perfecttiming #You #HiddenBones #CarolineKepnes


Crazy Shit.

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I love a good hunt. Give me a flea market, a random warehouse district, an hour on craigslist, or just send me to Cline’s Antiques. Just outside of Charlotte is this crazy man’s land. Acres of buildings, semi-truck trailers, and random piles of stuff. Signs, metal, salvaged doors, more chairs than you can imagine and in one corner a rocket launcher and a trailer full of amo. Seriously that was weird.

A little overwhelming to say the least. And if you plan on going, I recommend knee high rubber boots (snakes), work gloves and a headlamp.

Have you seen Dexter?

In See on June 3, 2009 at 3:54 AM


It is my new favorite show – thanks to Netflix and Yes – I do realize that I am several seasons behind the times BUT that only makes it better. I like to watch several episodes or even a whole disc at a time. I guess I am big on immediate gratification. I like knowing I have access to another dose without painful withdraw. I do think about serial killers a lot. I am convinced that we once lived across the street from one… more details later… and I do spend an inordinate amount of time wondering if there are bodies hidden just beyond the beaten path. It is the NW afterall. If you’ve seen it do you like it? If not perhaps you have another series you might like? Oh and the intro-graphics are delicious.

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