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I haven’t posted in a million years – I opened a shop and gallery to showcase my finds and  then I put my head down and haven’t looked up for the last 2.5 years!  BUT –  I have managed to keep up with my guilty pleasure – The books I have listened to have kept me sane by entertaining my mind at times when I would otherwise have been adding more gray to my scalp from worry. And who hasn’t sat in crap Seattle traffic? But NOTHING I have read (scratch that) listened to in the last two years has been as thoroughly entertaining as the two books I have just listened to by Caroline Kepnes! I want to meet this woman! Actually no I just want her to write another one in the series NOW! AND the narration of Santino Fontana is the best I have heard – HE NAILS IT! SO don’t even strain your eyes – YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THESE!


Your welcome! #JoeGoldberg #EarCandy #IthinkIknowthisguy #Perfecttiming #You #HiddenBones #CarolineKepnes


I Think I Love You.

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A good read that takes me back to my own undying love of David. Oh how I loved him.


Read This.

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or listen to it like I am. Delicious.

Something I heard.

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A few of my friends scoff at the fact that I “listen” to books. For the record I read them too – but usually at night before I fall asleep – and frankly I don’t get too many pages in before I crash.

Anyway, I was just choosing what I might listen to next – and saw that since January 2004 I have listened to 396 books on not including those downloaded from my local library. I am not bragging – I am simply evangelizing… YOU SHOULD “LISTEN” TO BOOKS! I have a 4 year old, 2 businesses, and a half-assed blog – when else am I going to have time to read?

Here are a couple to get you started should you so choose:

And if you think you’ve read Lolita – You NEED to hear it read by Jeremy Irons!

Books I want.

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Sorry for the crap-ass photography. Was at the MOMA bookstore and too excited to hold the iphone steady.

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