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In Design, Taste on January 7, 2011 at 5:43 AM

Yeah Yeah I know. Who goes on about coffee… Well I don’t usually. I am a pretty straight forward double tall americano with 2 inches of room. Though recently I switched to decaf – but that is another story altogether.

The point of this post however is not about what I would get at my favorite coffee shop, it is about home-brew. We have tried many a method to get a good cup. We love the results of the Aeropress, though the plunger and tube have lost their firm ability to deliver a quality cup every time, and it is a bit of a production. We hate the Cuisenart One Cup, it just never does the same thing twice. We like the Keurig for it’s simple ease of use, and since we were only recently gifted with the machine, are still trying to find the right little cartridge – plus I wouldn’t be a Seattlelite if I weren’t a little concerned about what I have to do to make those damn cartridges recyclable.

But here is what I want on the counter when my kitchen is finally remodeled… And believe me – I am not holding my breath!

Perhaps by then Clive Coffee will have a version that has just a little more curve at the base and top joinery. But I think with the sexy arch of the back they are on the right track!  Plus – love the simple white porcelain cone and cup!

P.S. – Thanks to Design*Sponge for the heads up!

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