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I have this problem.

In Design, See on January 25, 2010 at 1:35 PM

With old houses. I really really can’t help looking for them. Ever since we finished and moved from our old place, I still have a dream of finding another gem and redoing it. That then leads me to moving. And well, then I end up scanning real estate across the country. Here is a find in Kansas City – which by the way is a pretty happening place if you are looking for a little mid-western hospitality!

This place has 5 bedrooms – 8 full bathrooms – a carriage house – these incredible moldings – and a tunnel between the two buildings – all for 500k.

  1. Laura, I love all your hip ideas. This homebound mom feels cool just because I know you. And love the house, but what about that parking lot? Zen garden maybe?

    • You are so funny! Thanks for the nice words! Seriously though a house like this – it’s more like a school building – and a tunnel just seems so … historic or evil or just plain eccentric.

  2. You find the most interesting things! Love this blog. The property in Kansas would be fun to fix up as a business (restaurant, boutiques, office space).

    • Thank YOU! I sometimes think I am blogging into thin air – I appreciate you checking in!
      I think you are right about this property. Perhaps I will win the lottery…

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