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Will you be my sensei?

In Design, See, Taste, Touch on October 30, 2009 at 12:18 PM


I have this relationship with AvroKO. Well it’s more like hero worship. Or stalking. It all started when I was hired by Starbuck’s store concept division to compile a list of dream partners. Possible collaborators if you will. A great little research gig for someone obsessed with design, architecture, objects, and materials etc.  Anyway, it was during this time that I came across AvroKO, and as a firm they were the ones that set the bar for me. I felt as if I knew them, their methods, their mania for every detail. And I wanted to be them – hip young college friends all grown up and creating really amazing spaces all centered around food.  I still do.  And one day we will share a martini while concepting a new space… (a girl has gotta dream).

So here are a couple of snippets from their spaces in NYC:





keyspublicMore to come….

  1. the world can be ought right delicious, eh? gorgeous.

  2. ought right and out right.

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