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Pierogi, anyone?

In See on October 31, 2009 at 2:38 PM


First of all, let me say that though money may be tight in the economy, there is still art to be purchased.  And drawings, prints and generally works on paper, are an excellent gateway drug to building an art collection worth showing. While in Williamsburg, we stumbled out of Junk ( a great thriftstore ) and into Pierogi (a gallery located just up the street).

Like any good donut, dumpling, bow, or bun – the best part is what is inside. And Pierogi has some ample filling. Flat file after flat file of works on paper by hundreds of artists. Anything from traditional print, to mixed media — genre after genre. The fine interns at Pierogi have painstakingly cataloged this work and tagged it for your pleasure. And the best part is that most of it is online, and alot of it can be had for a very reasonable amount of coin.

So the next time you are looking at a blank wall, and wondering if you shoud re-hang something less than worthy, take a peak at the surprise inside of Pierogi.







Will you be my sensei?

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I have this relationship with AvroKO. Well it’s more like hero worship. Or stalking. It all started when I was hired by Starbuck’s store concept division to compile a list of dream partners. Possible collaborators if you will. A great little research gig for someone obsessed with design, architecture, objects, and materials etc.  Anyway, it was during this time that I came across AvroKO, and as a firm they were the ones that set the bar for me. I felt as if I knew them, their methods, their mania for every detail. And I wanted to be them – hip young college friends all grown up and creating really amazing spaces all centered around food.  I still do.  And one day we will share a martini while concepting a new space… (a girl has gotta dream).

So here are a couple of snippets from their spaces in NYC:





keyspublicMore to come….

That tingly feeling.

In See on October 29, 2009 at 11:57 AM

Many people ask me – Why “the indistinct hum”?  The best explanation I can give is that amped up feeling you get when you are truly inspired and you can’t wait to start making, and sharing, and spreading the word. It’s like some dose of  “knowing” was injected in your vein and you’re already looking for the next hit. It’s almost like the super charged sexual tension you might feel when you first spark with someone. Anyway those descriptions may give you an idea of how edgy you can feel when you are truly inspired (thus “the indistinct hum”) and THAT is how I felt on our last trip to NYC. So slowly I will share the inspirations of the last week over time. Because frankly, I don’t want it to be over. superiorbaldman

Anything “Superior” that is held together with duct tape is alright by me.



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Thanks FRESHHOME.COM for posting such an amazing product!


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